Creekside Mortgage, Inc. will be doing March Madness again this year! Sound like fun? Want to potentially win some money? Well here are the details:

This Sunday is “Selection Sunday” and we will be sending out brackets early Monday morning. Each bracket is $5 and there is a 2 bracket per person limit.

To participate, we need your money no later than Friday, March 21, 2013.You can send us a check to:

4601 NE 77th Ave., Suite 100
Vancouver, Washington 98662

Or, you can simply drop off your money.

For every dollar put into the competition, we will donate a dollar to the Clark County Veterans Assistance Program (up to $2,500).

Winners will win the following shares of the bracket money:

1st — 40%

2nd — 20%

3rd — 15%

4th — 10%

5th — 6%

6th — 4%

7th — 3%

8th — 2%

Want to play? Email us at now!