While the economists will tell you were STILL in a recession, and that the future is bleak, there is still a market to be had out there.  You can either sit around and buy the garbage that spills from the Lame Stream Media, or get on with your life and be positive and thankful for what you do have !!  Attitude will determine your altitude folks. Its nothing new, and you’ve probably heard it before. 

In the mortgage world it seems were in a purchase or refi boom.  Well I’m here to tell you that we have No Boom going on, however we have a Blast of both !!!  Its a GREAT Time to purchase.  You can not argue that.  Its a GREAT Time to refi due to rates.  You cannot argue that.  You have to position yourself to take advantage of both sides of the coin.  If your selling in another capacity, then you have to find that happy medium where you are able to leverage your strengths and your market!!   You have to be able to give a little more to recive  a little more.  It wont just come walking in your door.  Your going to have to go kick some doors down in order to find the ones that are going to deliver.   Leveraging yourself and your talents is a great way to begin the fall, the changing season that is upon us.  Invest some time into yourself.  Find out the best way to do that, and make it sooner that later !!!!

Kevin J. Lawson