Your Week in Review

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you have seen one of our videos.  For about 6 months we have been doing a LIVE week in review on our Facebook page with Kerry Greenwald every Wednesday.  Kerry is the Owner and a VA Loan Expert.  We do a short video on Wednesday at 2:00 PM about how current events are changing interest rates and the housing market. Each week we have seen a huge response from not only people we know but others who are interested in buying a home.  Our goal is to help people stay informed about how the things happening around the world are shaping the housing market here in Vancouver, WA and all over the PNW.

Whether you live in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho this short 3 minute video each week will help you make informed decisions about buying or refinancing your house.  We try hard each week to produce interesting content that will help you make important decisions that effect your financial well being.  Another goal of ours is to gain your trust to be able to be the people you trust in helping you make the decisions.

We are sharing this post to give you an option, watch LIVE or later.  We love LIVE because it can prompt people to ask questions in the moment and we can answer them right away.  But we understand that not everybody can be on Facebook during the day, so we can send out a link with the video.

If you have enjoyed these videos over the last 6 months and don’t want to miss them, sign up to receive the link to either watch it LIVE or at another time.  Just give us your email and name and we promise not to send you anything else without your permission.  You also have an option to opt out at any time.  Thank you for your support and we will continue to produce videos that will help you make those tough financial decisions.