At Creekside Mortgage, Inc., we know that going through the lending process can be daunting–

That is why we like to sit down with each client to go over their loan in detail. And, if for some reason we cannot sit down with a client, we’ll gladly go over their entire loan over the phone.

We want our clients to rest assured that they are getting a loan that they fully understand, because the last thing we want for clients is to be surprised.

But, we are also here to help you understand the lending process, even before you become a client. Before you decide that you’d like to pursue a new home loan or refinance, let us explain to you the difference between programs, and explain to you just how much the whole process will cost, both upfront, and in monthly payments.

When choosing a broker, remember, they are going to work for you. With Creekside, you’ll have a whole team of people by your side to answer any and all of your questions throughout the entire process.

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