Clark County, Washington is crazy right now. You’re seeing the biggest influx happening as people basically jump the river coming across from Oregon. That’s probably about 30% of the overall market drive. People are leaving Oregon for safety, security and for a little bit of tax purposes. Basically, there are five people per house for sale in Clark County, WA. There’s just no inventory. It continues to be an issue. A while back I was predicting that this would happen in the 3rd quarter. Unfortunately, it is happening right now in Clark County. You’re seeing multiple offers on houses, especially anything under that $550K range. It’s just difficult to go through and find a house. Now people are saying, “Oh, I’m just going to wait until rates come down.” Rates might improve, but values are going to keep going up. If rates come down a half percent more, you’re going to create more demand and lack of supply. This is going to push prices in the wrong direction. In the models we’re looking at stuff in the early 80s in Clark County, WA. Places like Ridgefield, WA. are feeling the effects of it. It’s just booming like crazy. Then towards the I5 corridor all the way up is basically busy. We see things taking off like crazy. Woodland, WA. Kalama, Washington all of these areas are booming, and I think this will continue moving forward. So, waiting is not something I would recommend right now. I think that you might get better on the interest rate, but your house price might be $40K-$50K more expensive in the near future. That’s just my advice. So, give me a call if you have any questions. I would love to go through and help.

Thank you!