Today is the last day to make your bracket on CBS Sports.

We’d love for you to be a part of our competition, because not only is it going to be a blast, it’s going to help out a great charity! Each bracket that you play is $5, and the top 8 winners are going to get paid from this pool of money. But, Creekside Mortgage, Inc. is also going to match the amount of money raised in the bracket pool to donate to the Clark County Veterans Assistance Center (up to $2,500). So, not only do you have a chance to win some cash, by putting in your $5 per bracket, you’re ensuring that Creekside is going to donate at least that much to a local charity!

To participate, we need your money no later than Friday, March 22, 2013.You can send us a check to:

4601 NE 77th Ave., Suite 100
Vancouver, Washington 98662

Or, you can simply drop off your money.

Winners will win the following shares of the bracket money:
1st — 40%
2nd — 20%
3rd — 15%
4th — 10%
5th — 6%
6th — 4%
7th — 3%
8th — 2%

Want to play?

First, make sure you have a CBS Sports account, with a login and password. Then once you have that set up, click on the following link. It’ll ask you to login in, if you haven’t already (use your personal login), and then it will allow you to provide the group password.
Our Group password is: madness

I’ll be by my phone all day in case you need assistance. We would all love your participation!

Ashleigh Simons
Marketing Specialist