When purchasing a home, there a lot of decisions that buyers are constantly plagued with.  They would have to consider what type of loan they would want, figure out how much they qualify for, and figure out what broker and realtor to use.  However, if there is one group that benefits the most from buying homes, it is veterans.  

One big thing that all veterans have is the VA and VA loan programs.  These programs, in fact, are BENEFITS to our veterans.  Serving our country is something that we can always thank them for and said benefit packages are entities that they have earned.  With these VA loan programs set in place, veterans have a resource to buy or refinance their homes!  

So what are a few benefits associated with this benefit?

First, VA loan programs offer 100% financing.  Unlike other mortgage programs, VA loans do not require a down payment.  To make things less technical sounding, you do not have to dent your wallet immediately after the purchase!

Secondly, with most loans, you would have to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI).  PMIs in a sense protects all mortgage lenders against any loss if the worst case scenario occurs, the borrower defaults!  Although a relatively small payment, borrowers pay a percentage until the lender builds a trust with said borrower.  Obviously, these PMIs can be very costly over an extended period of time.  The beauty about VA loan programs is that no PMI is required.  One word that all veterans can abide to is TRUST!

An additional benefit with using VA to purchase homes is that the veterans get safe, sound, and sanitary appraisals.  Not only do want veterans to own their own homes, but we want these homes to meet a high standard of living!

The last key benefit with using a VA loan is guidance through customer retention.  Let’s say that a veteran loses his income source and becomes temporarily unemployed…In this scenario, VA will work with you in altering your payment plan so you do not lose your dream home!