Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great and safe weekend. When you think of the New Year, the biggest topic is, what is your New Year’s resolution? I am going to lose weight, I want to be more organized, I want to pay off my debt, etc. These are all great, and it’s good to have resolutions. But the most important thing about these resolutions is to understand how to achieve them.

Rent VS Buy

Since it is the beginning of the year, and from years of experience, we always get calls about Rent vs buy and how to go from renting to buying a home and paying a mortgage. These questions always seem to come closer to the beginning of the year. We have concluded that we get these questions at the beginning of the year because a lot of people set up a new year’s resolution to go from renting to buying a home. Unfortunately, this is a goal that is hard to achieve. Not because it’s hard, but because people don’t fully understand the process and how easy it can be to go from renting to buying within a year or less.

Are You Renting?

If you are one of those people that want to stop renting, this month we are going to dedicate ourselves to answer any questions about how you can go from overspending on a 1 room apartment to making your hard-earned cash work for you by purchasing a home. We will be sharing posts about the pros of buying, the cons of buying, how to save for a down payment while renting, and the different costs of buying and renting. We know that these posts won’t answer all your questions, that is why we have multiple options for you to be able to reach one of our Loan Officers or assistants. You can call us at 360.571.LOAN(5626), email us at GreenwaldTeam@Creeksidem.com or fill out this quick form and we will call you asap!

This week on Friday look for our post about the pros of renting. We will cover all the upsides of buying a home and how they are going to affect you. You will see things pros like having a lower payment, tax incentives, retirement benefits, and many more. Don’t forget to message or call us with any questions. Also, you can follow our Facebook page for definitions and other snippets of information throughout the month of January.

Let us help you with your 2018 resolutions of purchasing a home so you can stop the paying the overpriced rent!