Did you know that Creekside Mortgage, Inc. is a family business?

That’s right. Kerry Greenwald, the owner of Creekside Mortgage, Inc. gives his father, Floyd Greenwald, the credit for his drive to create Creekside. Floyd, who just turned 80 years old, still comes into the office everyday and has an office beside Kerry.

The idea of “Veterans Helping Veterans” was originally Floyd’s idea, after having served for 38 years, 10 months and 16 days in the military.

According to Kerry, his father instilled in him the idea that each person who comes to Creekside will be treated with an equal amount of respect, whether they are ready to sign their loan papers or are far away from their home ownership goals.

And most of all, Floyd instilled in Kerry the idea that Creekside should provide services for Veterans that would help them along their home buying or refinancing journey.

Kerry also served the Guard, and this experience, paired with his father’s ideals, lead to the creation of Creekside as we know it today.