Are you and your date credit score compatible?

Romance is in the air this Valentines Day! It seems as soon as you think you have heard it all, you learn that singles are using credit scores to size up their date in 2013! NBC’s Today Show even did a recent segment on love and credit scores.

People are asking each other for their mid-scores on the first and second date. Finding financial compatibility in relationships is the hottest dating trend. (Check it out at  

With a 720 FICO mid score or higher you just might find the date of your dreams and a way to get a very good interest rate and loan program in 2013 for a future home.

With scores below 700 (but above 620) government loan programs will have appeal, but some very conscientious singles may chuck you under the bus after the 1st date when they learn you have a score below 720.

Now is the time to tighten your knowledge about your credit rating to potentially save yourself, and your future mate, hundreds of dollars a month on things from home loans to auto insurance.

Are you financially savvy? This month go to and and to see where you stand.  There are simple things to do to raise your FICO scores.

Don’t be a financial wallflower — get the information you need to soar like an eagle this Valentine’s Day and find the special romance you have been dreaming of.

Happy dating to you!

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– Gayle

Gayle Hepler is a Senior VA Loan Specialist at Creekside Mortgage, Inc.