Hello Treasure Valley! You’re seeing the different things going on all throughout the valley. You know from Kuna to Eagle there’s different activity going through. We have an inventory issue. I mean you can’t get around it. You just can’t find enough houses for sale and if you price the house correctly, it’s selling really, really quickly. Obviously if it’s not priced correctly, it’s sitting there for a while. So, it’s an opportunity both on the selling side and the buying side. There’s not a ton of buyers, but when there are some you know they’re trying to find the correct house and it’s been pretty difficult to do that. Another big product we see a lot of people doing are the VA Assumptions. They tend to be a little harder in the Treasure Valley just because a lot of people that bought their house 2-3 years ago the value of the property almost doubled during that time period. Them trying to go through and do an assumption is hard because you have to make up the amount down in full. So, there are unique situations where assumptions do work if the sales price is close to what they owe on the house or if you have the capital for a veteran to go through and make up that difference to get into what their current loan situation is. But they’re amazing. If they’re in the twos on interest rate let’s say for example, and the house is worth $600,000, they owe $400,000, you have to come in with $200,000 to make up that difference to put your Certificate of Eligibility into their name. It’s very inexpensive. It can be done directly through the bank, doesn’t involve one of us or a lot of times you can even avoid certain things on the real estate side of things too. So, it’s to your benefit to go through if you have the capital and cash to make up some of that difference. It doesn’t have to be a veteran, anyone can go through and do it. However, if it’s a non-Veteran the current Certificate of Eligibility is tied up on that property, it doesn’t go away until that person sells that house. So, you want to always be careful about that because you could be giving up your 28 years left on your loan, and they keep that loan for 28 years. You could lose your COE for 28 years and the capability of buying another VA house or doing anything else because of that previous property. So definitely call us. I’ll try to point you in the right direction and help as much as I can. This product is not something we could physically do, but I can show you some of the angles and stuff you can go through and get it to work. We love to go through and help any way we can. We’re right here and a phone call away.

I hope you have a great day!