Hello there, I’m Jaceson Smith-Martinez, and I’d like to take a moment to share a bit about my journey and the path that led me to Creekside Mortgage. Born and raised under the scorching Arizona sun, I embarked on a rather unconventional journey early in life. At the tender age of 17, I found myself enlisting in the United States Army, driven by a desire to make a difference. Little did I know that this decision would shape the course of my life in unexpected ways. 

Stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, I served as a combat medic with the Combat Aviation Brigade. In 2019, I was deployed to Afghanistan, contributing my part to Operation Enduring Freedom. The experiences and the camaraderie forged during that deployment left an indelible mark on me. 

Fast forward to November 2022, a month that saw me taking my leave from the military due to medical retirement. Following my discharge, I embarked on a new chapter, finding myself in the labyrinthine world of finance. Specifically, I became a funding analyst at a prominent bank, tasked with the intricate work of scrutinizing automobile loans. My role involved assessing applicants’ financial situations, calculating interest rates, and ensuring that loans aligned with regulatory standards. 

Yet, as time passed, I found it increasingly challenging to reconcile my work with my values. It weighed heavily on my conscience to see the exorbitant interest rates being offered to individuals with less-than-perfect credit. The very system I was a part of seemed to be profiting from the struggles of those who needed reliable transportation the most. It was a moral dilemma I could no longer ignore. 

This stark realization led me to an important crossroads in my career. After ten months of emotionally draining work, I knew I had to transition to an industry where I could genuinely make a positive impact on people’s lives. My quest for a profession that aligned with my desire to help others ultimately led me to the mortgage industry. 

My introduction to mortgages came with a sense of familiarity. I had been a consumer in the housing market, and both of my in-laws had been seasoned real estate agents for over two decades. I understood that homeownership is, for many, the cornerstone of the American dream. The prospect of helping individuals achieve this dream filled me with excitement and purpose. 

It was during this search for a new career path that I discovered Creekside Mortgage Incorporated. An interview with Kerry, the owner of Creekside Mortgage, left an unbelievable impression on me. Kerry’s commitment to positively impacting every person he meets stood out like a beacon of hope in an industry often marred by self-interest. His dedication to structuring his business in ways that benefit consumers, even at his own expense, spoke volumes about his character. 

In that moment, I knew I had found my new home, both in the mortgage industry and at Creekside Mortgage. This was the place where I could blend my passion for helping people with a company that shared the same unwavering commitment to making dreams of homeownership come true, ethically and compassionately. 

In my upcoming blog posts, I’m thrilled to embark on a journey of exploration into various aspects of the mortgage industry. We’ll delve into an array of topics, including the common misconceptions that often surround the VA home loan program. I’ll also shed light on the concept of predatory lending, equipping you with the knowledge to protect yourself as a consumer. Curious about how and why interest rates fluctuate, and what forces drive these changes? We’ll dive into that as well. Additionally, I’ll share some of my own personal experiences as a consumer dealing with lenders, highlighting valuable lessons that can help you avoid similar pitfalls. Stay tuned for an informative and enlightening series that aims to empower you on your journey toward homeownership.