VA streamlines, IRRRLs ( Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans ) becoming a hot item due to rates at an all time low; most rates being below 4%.  In Clark County even though most houses are purchased in the last 5 years being close to the watermark ,meaning loan to value, which is close to a  100% most.  VA doesn’t require an appraisal in most situations on these types of loans.  A lot of local Veterans are doing this to lower their overall payment.  My biggest recommendation is to stay within a 30 year loan or 15 year loan,as long as they stay fixed A lot of big marketing companies are leaning towards hybrid arms and trying to sell the concept of low interest rates.  They are only short lived and graphs are shown from 1986 to present.  We have shown rates at all time lows.  We have been at a declining rate ever since 1986 if you go to the previous 10 years the graph goes to the opposite direction; which will be more inclined to where we are currently in the market.  If you are in Clark County call us to see if this is an option to what you want to go thru can do.

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