After a frustrating transaction came to me from another box-store bank, I realized how often this occurs. The borrowers had a full approval letter in hand, but none of the leg work had been done. They never had their Certificate of Eligibility pulled and the bank had never pulled their credit.  You can imagine how frustrated they were when they got to the end of the transaction and realized there were other issues. It is circumstances like these that give VA a bad rep. It may be more expensive for a lender to take these steps ahead of time, but it’s extremely important that when you issue an approval letter everyone knows the borrower is truly eligible to buy that property. These big box-stores are the worst about going through and confirming someone is approved without doing the leg work. As an industry, we must get better about this.    

I just wanted to share our current industry frustrations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Creekside Mortgage with any questions. We are always ready to assist with any of your VA needs.