In Vancouver right now there is a debate going on about the building of an I-5 bridge, and not only building it, but having access for light rail to come across it. The third aspect is having it be a toll bridge. In my opinion, here in Vancouver, yes, it is nice to have a new bridge, but I think it would be overwhelming negative to Vancouver to have something with a cost attached to it. I know an overwhelming number of clients that I’ve dealt with that work in Oregon and elect to move to Vancouver for tax purposes. Why would you do that if you had to pay even as low as $2 or $5 per trip across the bridge? You’re talking $4 or $10 per day, which is something that adds up over time, and when you start figuring your utility bills, gas, etc., that little toll portion would not benefit Vancouver at all, even if Vancouver  got a portion of the money. Most of these benefits would be to Portland, and Vancouver would come out on the short end of the stick. It would take away the advantage of living here, and it would draw our housing market down.

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