Having attended the local county veterans resource committee meeting yesterday, a very special program was brought to our attention.   The program is Honor Flight, and it will transport any World War ll Veteran free of charge back to Washington D.C. in order to view the World War ll Memorial, as well as the rest of the sites that pertain to our rich history and the battles and wars that we have participated in.  This is a great program.

If you know of any surviving World War ll Veterans you owe it to them to spread the word.  The Veteran can fly free of charge, there is lodging and meals included and if the Veteran needs an assistant (almost guaranteed) they can accompany the Veteran for a mere $350.00.  That is quite a bargain.  So for 48 hrs your off to Washington D.C. and visit the Memorials, your staying in very nice accommodations, and have meals provided as well.  What a fabulous program…….  and who deserves it more………   The World War ll Veterans deserve this !!!!!

Kevin J. Lawson