When you’re dealing with a VA home loan, the VA has what it calls Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs). These are minimum standards a home must meet before the VA will guarantee a loan.

Occasionally MPRs can cause a delay in the loan process, frustrating some buyers and sellers when they would rather “overlook” the violation. It’s important to know that the MPRs are designed with your best interest in mind.

There are some fairly common MPR violations that can slow down the loan approval process. Fortunately, most of the common MPR violations are fairly easy to pick out during a walkthrough and can usually be identified before making an offer.

Dry rot and wood damaging insects.

A fairly common MPR violations we see here in the Pacific Northwest is dry rot and wood destroying insects. Dry rot is caused by certain species of fungi, and there are many types of insects that destroy wood.

Depending on your location, you may need to have an inspection for both dry rot and insects, but you can look for a couple of signs that will identify possible issues before the inspection.

You may have dry rot if the walls and ceilings have:

  • discoloration

  • water spots

  • wrinkled, sagging or crumbling sheetrock

You may have destructive insects if you find:

  • small piles of sawdust

  • groupings of dead insects like ants

For today, we’ll leave you with just this one tip. Look for our blog post tomorrow for two more ideas for MPRs to look out for when buying a home.

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