On this day just a brief reminder first of all that we honor the brave, the true hero’s of this nation.  The veterans that have entered the military on their own free will; to provide all of us what is hopefully not taken for granted or overlooked, our gracious freedom.  I want to bring up highlights and strong points of aVA Loan.

The VA Loan is an outstanding choice for our veterans, to be able to take advantage of loan opportunities that may not  be available elsewhere. For example,  closing costs are limited, 100% financing  is available, no mortgage insurance, and the VA will help with payments in time of financial hardships.  The veteran is not allowed to pay several of the typical mortgage related fee’s in a transaction, including pest and dry rot inspection, so be aware of what is being charged.

Seller concessions cannot exceed 4% of the sales price, however only specific items are covered.  Sellers can pay pre-paid items (insurance, taxes), the VA funding fee, which is normally financed into the loan amount, collections and judgments, and charges for temporary buydowns, but not discount points.

Kevin J. Lawson