Creekside Mortgage, Inc would like to extend a happy and heartfelt congratulation to Michael “Mike” Frakes for winning this year’s mandatory potluck and costume contest! Mike took best in show as the club wielding Neolithic loan specialist. Way to go Mike!  Hurry in for that Stone Age rate, if you have found that special cave with a double mastodon garage and tar pit.

This year, we had 100% participation even without our energetic Pam Conrad. Pam missed this year’s festivity in lieu of creating a nightmare for any unsuspecting Elk. Best of luck in the hunt Pam!

The food and company were awesome as usual, and to top it off, we were all regaled with scary stories from boot camp and deployments from the not too distant past. Of course it was all in good fun and not meant to be too scary for those who have not been in military service or were in the Air Force. Just kidding Elisa, you know we love you, in fact your minion costume has inspired us all to be minions next year, leaving you our reader to guess who will play the part of Gru. You can see pics of all the staff in costume on our Facebook page too.

  From all of us at Creekside Mortgage, Inc we would like to wish you a happy and safe Halloween.