Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho has made the decision to move on from the A-10 aircraft, and there were initial discussions about the possibility of the F-35 being stationed there. However, due to concerns within the local community regarding potential noise levels, it appears that the F-16 will be the chosen replacement for the A-10 instead.

Some members of the community had expressed their excitement for the F-35 and were disappointed by the change in plans. They believed that the difference in noise levels, which is reportedly around 16 decibels, would be relatively insignificant. These individuals have a fondness for the sound of military aircraft.  I have cherished the experience of living near Pang Air Force Base, where I would smile every time they heard the “sound of freedom” taking off.

It’s important to note that the US Air Force is constantly evaluating and making decisions based on various factors, including community considerations and operational requirements. While the F-35 won’t be stationed at Gowen Field, the F-16 will now serve as the replacement aircraft for the A-10.