I was fortunate enough to attend our counties Veterans Resource Committee meeting yesterday, seeking membership along the way.  The duration of the meeting consisted of proposal after proposal in search of funds for veterans relief, assistance and new plans to assist veterans in a variation of ways.  I attended representing Creekside Mortgage, Inc., and can attest that we are veteran owned and operated, and have nothing but the Veterans best interest at heart, as we consistently do 85 to 90 percent of our transactions assisting veterans in VA Loans.

Lets back up now to the doom and gloom that our nations media paints so often on the many news networks, internet and published accounts.  Its easy to get the perception that there are no  institutions or individuals, countries or anyone for that matter that is out to make  a positive change in peoples lives.  Well I can positively tell you that there are good people doing great things in abundance.  Getting involved in your community is a great way to find out what is being done and also find out how to assist others.  There are a great many ways to get plugged in; all you have to do is pick up the phone or get on the Internet and spend fifteen minutes researching what area might make the most sense to you. 

Creekside Mortgage, Inc. is heavily involved in several associations that assist with Veterans needs.  We do it out of respect and a sense of loyalty to our fellow brothers and sisters that have served and protected this great nation.  There is a great feeling one will achieve after giving and its so worth the time that one invests, for its giving a little and knowing you have done the right thing.  I know that Jeannette Karis of Remax of Spokaneis heavily involved in doing many of the same things and she doesnt volunteer out of obligation but of genuine honor and loyalty to her community.

The next time your down and think that there is no good going on in the world or your community you can rest assure that there is; and if you were so inclined you can make an effort to invest an  hour to three hours per week, and that will go a LONG way.  I saw first hand all of the amazing programs going on in Clark County, Washington that assist Veterans.   There really is an abundance of good going on in our communities, and if you actually look out into your community you can find good and contribute to it as well.  Its the right thing to do.

Kevin J. Lawson