We love this amazing country, and we love celebrating our independence with fireworks! During this fun time of year, we want to remind you of two very important things.

The first thing to remember, is why we are celebrating this holiday. Even though we often call the holiday the 4th of July, it really is our Independence Day. A day to be grateful for the many sacrifices made so that we can live in this free land.

Independence Day Flags

“All gave some, some gave all. May we never forget our brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate sacrifice!”                 -Jon

The second thing to remember is to celebrate! We hope that you have a great time with family and friends, and that you do so safely. We care about all of you and we hope that you can enjoy this holiday by being careful with fireworks, driving sober, and driving defensively.

Here is a link to find firework laws by county in Washington. Unfortunately there is no document like this for Idaho or Oregon. You’ll need to look into each individual city’s laws and regulations to know exact days and times that fireworks are legal. If you happen to find a helpful resource, please link to it in the comments. Have Fun!

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