Foreclosures in the month of March still ranked at a rather high level, but signs of stability overall in Boise, ID and the Ada County area overall, make things  look like we’re in  or near the end of the housing crisis. Boise ID will go down on the books in Ada County as one of the hardest hit areas because of our influx of residents and our increase in value between 2004 and 2007. Due to this, we had a much farther fall than most cities had to go through. Additionally, our economic factors, including  employment, affect our home values, and we were hit here harder than many, taking into account the influx of borrowers and homeowners who moved up from California who were buying second homes. This caused an inflated home valuation during those time periods and made the fall on the other side that much harder. The stability over the last three months so far in 2011 in Ada County shows strength and a leveling off of overall values. Hopefully that was the end and we will see continued stability through the rest of 2011 in Idaho.

Kerry N. Greenwald

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Sr. VA Loan Specialist

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