Foreclosures in Clark County WA, are down about 29%. Foreclosures in the month of March were 272, compared to last year, 2010 at 334, and the height of 2009, 605. The fact that foreclosures are down is  obviously a good sign that there is the possibility that the banks are working more with their customers to go through and negotiate lower premiums.   The most improved area are Battle Ground WA, Ridgefield WA, Camas WA, and Washougal WA.  From the inside, in my opinion, it has more to do with the delay of the foreclosure processing. Yes, in some cases people are selling  a home before it goes into foreclosure, but I think a lot of foreclosures in the last 60 to 90 days have been delayed due to what was happening and how foreclosures were being treated. So, only Pierce and Snohomish counties ranked worse than Clark County WA, where  1 out of 600 homes were in foreclosure in the month of March. In Feburary, it was 1 in every 426. The lenders are just making a great deal of effort to negotiate and to settle or modify by the law versus going to the next step of foreclosure.

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