Good morning or good afternoon Facebook world it’s a good day to come and have these conversations today! Janet Yellen a did her big meeting, where they did agree upon raising or increasing interest rates by quarter now the the target rate is between 1 to 1.25 on the Fed rate. There’s a lot of anticipation that was already going to happen, as you can see the stock market and everything else, they’ve been acting positive and actually interest rates overall, home interest rates, it actually improve in the course of today so it kind of goes against what we all would always think if FEDs raising rates the anticipation would be that interest rates on houses be raising at the same time it’s really no direct correlation between the two. So moving forward right now the big things what she said in her comment section was basically that they’re forecasting most likely to have one more increase in the course of this year. That would be 3 with each of them being a quarter and they’re also forecasting during the course of next year to having three also, they’re his pay a quarter each time. Those are just for casting the last three years we watching forecasting it’s been pretty pretty far off. The one other good number I like are inflationary numbers are just still flat so that gives a positive, you know that I don’t see to see any dramatic increase in interest rates.

So I’m going against my previous 8 times I said to lock,  now I’m going to turn and go back in to wait and see. I think it’s going to be a little bit of a flatline right now which would give more opportunity being shorter-term locks, better than cost-wise everything else. I don’t see anything else I do see a lot more turmoil still in DC with the shooting event today and everything else. Is there any chance for unity? I don’t know.  Chaos though just seems to a create positive atmosphere for the stock market because it is going up and up and up and we see rates also doing  improvements to. But I do think gradually over time it going up. We’re noticing a lot more houses on the market we’ve had a few people that have been kind of stagnant, houses that have been for sale for while with lack of activity. Being in this now going to my 20th year or in my 2oth year now I know that school is ending this week we will see a big pick up after next week when when kids are officially out of school and parents are ready to make the move. But I am  noticing around Vancouver and in the Northwest right now you see a lot more houses are going on the market, they are increasing in price, it is a lot more expensive than they were 6 months ago and a year ago. But there seems to be a flatlining or slowing down a little bit so that’s encouraging news.

Any other questions keep sending them to use, we have had some great comments.  I had fun on my fishing trip, Michelle did great last week.  Please keep sending questions our way, we are busy but we can handle more. We want to help you! Have a great day!