We tend to get in a rut at work and pound thru the days, just grinding them out and its Friday and we have great aspirations to go hiking, biking, boating and so forth.  Well if that truly does NOT happen, then your running errands, going to birthday parties for your childrens school friends or family functions.  In most our daily lives, we are getting a good mental work out in some form or fashion.  However if you have a family, and are taxed with all the normal routines that come with it, or are just so busy with work that you have little time for anything else, the physical work out time goes to the back of the bus.

Its extremely important as you know to incorportate some type of physical work out regimine into our lives.  I can always count on my Dr. telling me the exact same thing when I visit.  Pay close attention to your diet, more vegies, less sweets and soda’s and exercise more.  Its a given.  So with that being said, we can all benefit from a little hike, or bike ride, weights, cardio etc..  Just dont resign yourself to giving up.  Just set a small realistic goal, and begin.  Thats the most difficult part.  Just begin, then go from there.

Kevin J. Lawson