Do I need to occupy the house i buy with my va benefit?

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I get this question quite often I want to put it on a video to help people out. The question is if I purchase a VA house do I have to remain primary occupant for that property. VA does have a rule that when you do buy a VA house you have to have the intent and you have to reside in the house for up to one year. We do have certain situations where people are on active duty overseas and a spouse or anyone else is here in the house they plan or intend to move into it. We also have many cases where someone buys a house, and an opportunity presents’ itself down the road, you can’t always turn that VA house into a rental. I’ve had many people that have gone through and taken that advantage of that benefit. You might have enough eligibility proportionately to go out and purchase another VA house. So you definitely can turn that property into an income source without any problem at all for the VA it’s just the rule is defined you have to have intent when you purchase it to live in that house for up to one year. So hopefully this answers your questions. If you have questions off of this please absolutely reach out to anyone here at Creekside mortgage, we would love to help you. Thank you!