Many people in Cowlitz County WA area, including Kelso WA, Longview WA, and Castle Rock WA, held off on refinancing their homes during the last reduction in interest rates. Seize this second opportunity, as the window is open again to potentially refinance while you still have equity in your house, and while rates have again dropped to a low point. Your could secure your interest rate at a lower point for the next 15-30 years. A lot of times if you have been in your loan 10 or 15 years and you don’t want to start over with a 30 year loan, you can get into a 15-year fixed loan while paying your house off in a shorter time period, and keeping your monthly payments relatively the same as they are now due to the drastic differences in 15- year and 30- year interest rates. Changing from a 30-year to a 15-year could save you 2.5% or more percentage points on your loan. We were fortunate to see these low rates once again, caused by worldwide events like gas prices, the stock market, the Middle East, Japan, and other factors continuing to keep rates at an all-time low. No one knows how long this could last. This might be that second opportunity before the government is forced to raise rates based on a lack of influx of money because of how large the national debt is.You should definitely take advantage of this secondary window opening up, especially in Cowlitz County WA.

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