We have been running an ad in the Cowlitz County Buyer’s Guide for a few months. We have had a lot of feedback from Veterans and spread a lot of information about different options Veterans have in Cowlitz County on buying  homes with 100% VA financing. We are here to serve the Veteran and get the information out there even if we don’t do a transaction, making sure we are educating people on their VA benefits, and making sure that if they ever do buy a house that they utilize it. We have come across quite a few Veterans who have been put into FHA or other types of financing, which is not to their benefit, because a VA loan does not have mortgage insurance. We have enjoyed this opportunity between Michael Frakes and myself to express to people in the community this opportunity to go 100% either through VA refinances or a VA purchase.

Kerry N. Greenwald

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Creekside Mortgage Inc.

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