We got some cool statistics in for the Treasure Valley for last year. It kind of breaks things down. Approximately 85 transactions per month that were done in the Treasure Valley were VA. So, it’s a big deal. I know we’ve seen Kuna growing dramatically, Star is where a lot of things took place and all the way out to Caldwell. So, we’re seeing activity happening throughout the entire Treasure Valley on VA. Now a lot of those transactions were new construction or finalization of new construction, but we’re seeing that uptick compared to the year before dramatically. It’s more of a buyers’ market now. People are more willing to accept a VA transaction. I just beg everyone out there, if you’ve got your VA eligibility don’t let someone talk you out of that, especially if you have service-connected disability and you’re not paying any fee. If you’re doing anything in the Boise Metro area here in Idaho, you definitely want to take time, if you’re a veteran, to talk to us. We want to make sure that you’re doing the right transaction for you and the thing that best fits. This means, doing a 0 down and you tend to have a lower rate than what conforming rate is. If you have a service-connected disability you’re not paying that upfront fee to the VA so VA is going to be your option that you typically always want to go through. We don’t just do VA here. We like to work with veterans as much as possible being, a veteran myself, but it’s one of those things that we want to encourage you to do the loan that best fits you versus trying to persuade you to do that conventional loan that’s easier for the realtor and everyone else. It typically is not best for you as the consumer. So, take time to reach out to us. I’d love to go and have a one-on-one conversation with you Me or my team is always here. We would love to go through and help you.

Thank you!