Hey there Treasure Valley! I’m excited to say that we came out with our continued education classes here in Ada and Canyon County. We have three courses that are coming out for realtors who need their continued educations credits. I know two of the offices are based right here in Meridian and I’ll get the list of locations out to you guys. If any agents or anyone else around here wants to participate in those it’s two hours continued education credits. I like to put it on at no cost. Just so I can educate more and more people, especially the introduction of how VA transactions work and the benefit of the VA loan for Veterans. I like to teach from every avenue from identifying the potential benefits that a veteran may have to all the different concepts and stuff that go along with the VA loan. So, I’m proud to launch that class. I plan to probably do a few more courses throughout the year and throughout the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. We’re definitely going to go through and

launch it right here in Ada County first. So, it’s one of my exciting things to go through and get back to teaching which is what I used to do

many, many years ago. It’s something I’m passionate about. Definitely the more and more people I can teach about VA will benefit all of us in the end. Just want to let you know about that.

Have a great week!