I thought I knew what cold was, but wow has it been cold in the Treasure Valley this week! It’s a different thing for me to see snow sitting on the ground for over a week and not go away. It’s crazy that December is the coldest month of the year. But at least it is dry!

We are seeing market changes here in the Treasure Valley and other parts of the PNW. It is a positive sign that things are still moving. We are seeing stagnation in other areas where sellers are having difficulty selling their house, but we aren’t necessarily seeing that here. Yes, we are seeing values drop a little bit, but we are also seeing steadiness overall. The cool thing about buying a house right now is you have a seller willing to go through and provide funds towards closing costs and even buying the rate down.

We are here for any questions you may have. VA will always be my passion, but always feel free to reach out with questions on Conventional, FHA or anything else. Being a broker, we have a lot of ability to go through and look at many different companies that could potentially fit your specific needs.