Coming at you again this week to talk about Clark County as a whole and what has been going on in our community as we’ve seen things in the whole country overall starting to change. Clark County is still a very desirable place to come to. I know we still see the majority of the residents coming from California. I probably will never stop saying that. We also of course still see people jumping across the river from Oregon due to tax benefits, safety concerns, and what have you. That isn’t going to stop. Our employment rates in Clark County are awesome compared to a lot of other places in the country and our values are seemingly holding whereas in other parts they are dipping. If you follow the numbers going back to 2019, pre-Covid, we are still in an upward tick in Clark County. In the country as a whole, there are a lot of negative effects going on with rates increasing. Like I’ve said, if you drive around there’s not very many houses for sale. Although there are still a lot of people that wish they could get into a house. We are still seeing multiple offers coming in and I don’t really see that stopping anytime soon. I think rates will be pressured throughout the remaining course of this year. Next year though is an election year. Every time there is an election year, there’s always positive information with rates. The last five presidential elections rates have slid downward up to that point.

      So, Clark County will continue being desirable. Places like Kalama, Washington, Woodland, Washington, and Ridgefield, Washington are the hot spots right now and I think we will continue to see our community grow.