The market in Clark County has been crazy lately as we’ve all witnessed. We had a transaction here a couple days ago that had 13 offers on one house in the course of two days. If you’re in a certain price category, it’s absolutely crazy. Basically, anything in Clark County, WA. that is below $600K, there’s just not enough inventory available. Then from $600K up to $1M there is not much happening. Once you go over the $1M mark, things get crazy again. There’s a lot of transactions popping, listings are selling quickly. It’s that in between number that’s difficult right now. I know I sound like a broken record, but our number one influx coming into Clark County, WA. right now is from Oregon. There is just a tremendous amount of people leaving the state kind of like what has been happening in California over the last 10 years. People have been coming over here for safety, security, taxes, and other reasons. I just saw on someone’s paystub that they are paying 2% into the homeless tax and you watch homelessness getting worse. I think people are just fed up and that’s why they are going to continue to come across the river. How will tolls affect this? I don’t know. We know that’s coming on pretty much both freeways. I don’t know if that will change things in Clark County, WA. necessarily, but I still think it’s a desirable place to be and I think that will continue moving forward