A new non profit organization for veterans opened today in downtown Vancouver, WA.  The vision for the Clark County Veterans Assistance Center is to allow veterans a place to drop in for advice, counseling, job searching, finding housing, or to point them in the right direction on their available benefits. The center will be run by volunteers, primarily other veterans, who can help vets find what they need, even if it is simply someone to chat with them over coffee and doughnuts.

Trying to find something to do to help out, I, purchased a refrigerator for the center so the volunteers had a place for their lunch. In the larger scheme of what the center is trying to achieve a fridge is the least I could do. The volunteers at the center are amazing and the help they look forward to providing will have a huge impact on the veterans in our community. If there is more that I can do, I will, as I think this center is going to change lives.

Michael Frakes


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