In Clark County right now, our average dollar per square foot is $325. So it’s ticking downwards slightly, not dramatically, but there are opportunities to go through and seek stuff out throughout the county. There are some hotspots. We’re still facing a little bit of inventory issue. You’d think based on what was going on right now,

there would be a little bit more stuff coming onto the market, but there’s not and that’s the big issue. There’s the have and have nots out there on properties. You get something that is priced right, and it’s sold really, really quickly. If it’s priced wrong, it seems to be sitting on the market for quite some time. But you as a purchaser it’s tough and hard to find that right property, especially with what rates are doing. They tend to keep up ticking right now. There’s a lot of information coming out during the course of this week so that should do some correction on that, we’re hoping. It’s one of those types of things right now that’s influencing a lot of things happening in the market. Assumptions are also a big deal right now. I mean a lot of people call us quite often on VA Assumptions. I love to go through help and point those out. The unique thing on that is whatever is owed on the house versus what they’re trying to sell it for is has to be made-up with the cash portion brought into closing. That’s what’s difficult because you can’t seek lending on doing stuff like that. So, if you can find something that’s real close to what the margin is, what they’re trying to sell the house versus what they owe, it can be easier to go through and get an assumption. I love to go through and point those out and see if there’s any opportunity for you to do that. It’s very inexpensive compared to what a normal loan would be and of course you can take over their current interest rate. It’s a big deal. So, always here to help from vet to vet. Love to go through and do anything we can on that.