Recent Clark County WA statistics on rental units is at a 5-year high, meaning that occupancy in apartments, duplexes, and rental houses is right around 4% availability. This statistic shows that in the very near future, the costs to rent housing will increase based on supply and demand. All the more reason at this point and this time based on interest rates to purchase a home versus renting. Statistics in Clark County WA can show that costs of renting could increase by as much as 10-30% in the next 18 months based on those facts of supply and demand. So anytime you use those statistics of rent versus buy, buying always beats out renting over the long term, based on where current rates are, and economic factors driving that–worldwide economic factors, oil, the stock market, and now the fact that rates continue to drop as they have been in the last couple weeks. All those things put together shows that there is no better time to buy, especially VA in Clark County at 100% financing with seller paying all closing costs. Prices on houses continue to have dropped over the last 6 months. A perfect situation for purchasing is here. This window of opportunity will most likely close in the near future, as rates should continue to increase when instability shows in the markets. However, based on supply and demand, rent will go up in Clark County WA. It is inevitable. It has every time the occupancy is at these high points.

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