Whether you’re aware of it or not, Christmas is quickly approaching! Based on the relatively limited number of Christmas cards I’ve received this year, I’d say the season has snuck up on a lot of people. That or my family made it on far fewer people’s “nice lists”.

We love this time of year around the office. We put up decorations and we band together in community outreach efforts that are sponsored by the company.

It’s amazing the joy you get when you extend a hand of help to people around you who are struggling. We recently donated some Christmas trees to families in our community. One of the fathers called me to thank us for helping. His gratitude was touching as he talked about watching his kids decorate a tree they thought they’d have to go without this year.

Next on our office calendar is ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. We’re going to take turns at the local Safeway. This will be the first time that our office tries this, so we hope it goes well.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

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