So one can not help but notice (depending on your geographical location) the dramatic change in season that has taken place over the past week or two.  The fourth of July weekend for many was cloudy and 70.  Not great but it could have been alot worse I suppose.  Here it is a few days later and its approaching one Hundred degree’s.  Outstanding…… we go from cloudy and cool to a Massive heat wave in a 48 hour time period and no wonder people get a little irritated here in the northwest with that kind of swing in temps.

You know you can draw a very similar line in life, from the adversity that comes your way in short order….One can adapt, overcome and embrace the change or resist, dislike and just complain about all of the change that comes your way.  I believe that its no secret that one’s attitude is the greatest single factor in determining your outlook.  I’m not perfect by any means however if we roll with the changes in a more positive manner,  we stand a better chance of making it thru the day and through life with less turmoil. 

So when you recognize that spring or winter is over, and your going into that new season…….Summer, make a mental note to roll with the changes, and with that try to up your game…..Do your best to implement something new……. a game changer so to speak…..try it….. embrace change, because its always going to be around the corner.

Kevin J. Lawson