We are in August…….the last month of summer…. vacations and camping trips are in their last stages, and school is just around the corner for those of us that have children.  Its bitter sweet this time of year.  For it feels as if summer just got here a week or two ago and now its going to be coming to an end.  For some its something to look forward too, a change of season…….maybe a different sport is getting ready to embark on a new season…… for some its just plain painful; nothing to look forward to, a summer long gone and a long drawn out winter lye ahead.

Either way you look at it, we can all “fall” into something positive.  Most of us enjoy our summers and have had a pattern of taking off early on Fridays, or taking the frequent Friday off all together to make a long weekend a little more enjoyable, for camping or other excursions.  Now that fall is near, we could all benefit from an adjustment in our work habits.  One adjustment can be very beneficial, and that is attending a sales/motivational work seminar.  What better time to go to a seminar and tune up your work habits and learn new techniques, than at the end of summer.  If your in a sales environment, this could be a like a professional spa-day for your mind…..seriously !! 

Your coming out of a three month period where it has been difficult to focus 100% of your energies on work….now is the perfect time to go to a seminar; one to three days of professional mind massaging!! Its the perfect tune-up to set your sights on the fall, winter, spring seasons ahead.   Go into it with a positive attitude and gain all you can, then set new goals and achieve them!!!!  Don’t hesitate or it could be a LONG HARD WINTER !!!!

Kevin J. Lawson