We’re a team of Veterans dedicated to serving fellow Veterans and helping with their VA Home Loans in Camas, WA. Washougal, WA. Clark County, WA. and the surrounding area’s.

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Creekside Mortgage Vancouver, WA. corporate office based in Clark County, WA.

Address: 4601 NE 77th Ave #100, Vancouver, WA 98662

Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Office Phone: (360) 571-5626




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Creekside Mortgage, Inc

VA Loans in Camas, WA. Washougal, WA Clark County, WA Veteran VA Home Loan

Creekside Mortgage, Inc is a reputable mortgage company based in Vancouver, Washington. They specialize in various types of mortgage loans, including VA home loans. Whether you’re a veteran or an active-duty military member, Creekside Mortgage can assist you in obtaining a VA home loan to finance your dream home. With their expertise in the mortgage industry, they strive to provide personalized service and guide you through the loan process with ease. Serving the Camas and Washougal areas, Creekside Mortgage has established a strong presence in Southwest Washington. They understand the unique needs of the local community and work diligently to find the best financing options tailored to each client’s situation. If you’re considering a VA home loan in the Camas or Washougal area, Creekside Mortgage, Inc is a trusted choice to help you achieve your homeownership goals.



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 Google Review | Camas, WA. | VA Purchase |  US Navy |  5-Star  |  3/7/2024

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Kerry and the fine folks at Creekside. It was our first home buying experience and the daunting task of shooting for a quick close was made simple by Kerry and his team.

Late on a Sunday night after we had gone to look at a property Kerry took the time to hop on a conference call with us and our realtor to go over the process and to get the ball rolling.

From first viewing to close was less than 35 days and we got about the best rate our credit and the current conditions could hope for!

Kerry and his team are the go-to people for anyone needing lending especially Veterans. Kerry served and understood the challenges and concerns of our community.

I can’t recommend Creekside enough!

Braedon H.

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