We discuss the housing market often on our blog — what’s happening now and what we expect may happen in the future.

While doing some research for our blog, we came across an article from the Portland Press Herald (of Maine), which brought up an interesting statistic about building a home and the amount of labor that is necessary to complete the build.

According to the article (last paragraph), for each house that is built, three people will have a job for a year, and there will be $90,000 created in tax revenue.

When talking about the housing market, people generally talk about how many homes are being bought and sold, but this statistic gets at something else completely– the affects of buying an already existing home or building one yourself.

Building a home is not for everyone. There is added stress and even more complications that can arise from building, rather than buying. However, building is a great option for others who wish to have their home custom built for their family.

Whether you are looking to purchase, refinance, or build, we thought you may be interested in learning this unique little statistic.