How will the budget cuts affect Vancouver, Washington? The state of Washington is going through dramatic budget cuts. Unlike the federal government, it has to have a balanced budget. What comes in is what can go out without any exceptions. So, in the course of 2011 for fiscal budget 2012, there are going to be significant cuts in the overall budget. A lot of economists predict this could have an effect overall in housing prices and markets if the State of Washington has to cut employees like teachers or other key state employees.  This will have an effect on the markets. It is hard to predict or say how these will affect Vancouver WA, and Washington as a whole. A lot of our economic factors are attributed to the State of Oregon by the fact that we are so close to Oregon, but our purse strings are held by Olympia, WA,so the effects of this can only be a guesstimation of how Vancouver WA overall will be effected for the rest of the fiscal year 2011 and going into 2012.

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