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June 6th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Hey Treasure Valley, coming at you today with a little news. In the last few days, property assessments have come out. It’s a piece of paper you would have gotten in the mail. What this is basically showing is what the government is assuming your property is worth so they can calculate your taxes. It’s crazy right now in Ada County we had a decrease on average by about 10%, which is what should happen. You should be about 15%-20% below what fair market value is vs. what assessment is because that is what you pay on a yearly basis on taxes. So, if you decrease in value by 10%, guess what, your taxes are also going to decrease by about that same margin. The assessment just came out right now, but later in the year you’re going to get the actual bill. This bill will go to your mortgage company, your financer, or you if you pay the bill on your own. Everyone likes a bill when they go down, although it doesn’t happen very often. I think we’re only one of two states in the US that had an overall decrease in property taxes this coming year. It’s a great thing to have go through and happen. Now make sure in the state of Idaho, the most important thing you do is if you owner-occupy your house that you file the Homeowners Exemption Act. Go online, and click that one little button saying, “Yes, I occupy the home, and this is my house.” You have to file this every year and if you get used to doing it online, it will be really easy. Don’t forget to do that or your taxes will be a lot higher, and you can’t fix it later. Any questions you have on VA or non-VA, make sure you reach out and give us a call. We’d love to go through and help you.


June 5th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Nampa, ID, experienced significant growth in median household income between 2000 and 2021. In 2000, the median income was $34,758, while in 2021, it increased to $63,471. This represents a substantial 45.2% increase over the period. Comparatively, the median annual income across the entire state of Idaho in 2021 was $66,474, making Nampa’s median income slightly lower by 4.7%.

The per capita income in Nampa also saw impressive growth, rising from $14,491 in 2000 to $30,300 in 2021. This signifies a remarkable increase of 52.2% over the same period. These substantial income improvements highlight the economic development and opportunities available in Nampa.

Nampa’s appeal as a place to live and raise a family is further enhanced by its affordability compared to neighboring areas. The city provides a lower cost of living, making it an attractive option for those seeking more affordable housing options. Additionally, its convenient location on the I-84 corridor allows for easy access to nearby Boise, a bustling economic hub in Idaho.

Looking ahead, Nampa, Idaho is expected to continue being a desirable place to reside and establish roots for years to come. Its affordability, coupled with its proximity to major transportation routes, makes it an appealing choice for homebuyers. The neighboring Caldwell, Idaho, located just a few exits up the road on I-84, offers similar advantages in terms of affordability and accessibility.

For veterans considering purchasing a home in Nampa or Caldwell, Creekside Mortgage, Inc., based in Meridian, Idaho, is ready to assist with all their VA home loan lending needs. With their expertise in VA loans and commitment to serving veterans, Creekside Mortgage can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the loan process.

In summary, Nampa, ID, has experienced remarkable growth in median household income, with a 45.2% increase from 2000 to 2021. The city’s affordability, accessibility, and family-friendly environment make it an appealing place to live. As a result, Nampa and nearby Caldwell are expected to continue being desirable locations for homeownership. For veterans interested in purchasing a home in these areas, Creekside Mortgage, Inc. is available to provide assistance and expertise in VA home loan lending.

May 31rd, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

 Creekside Mortgage, Inc., NW # VA Home Loan Experts, recently finalized a VA home Loan Purchase in Caldwell, ID. Kerry Greenwald and the Greenwald Team guided the borrowers through this process was the skilled real estate agent, Craig Serverson, affiliated with John L. Scott Boise. The closing transaction was successfully conducted at Stewart Title Company in Meridian, Idaho, under the expert guidance of Beth Wilson.

The borrowers, Ken and Cece Dorman, are thrilled with their new home in Caldwell, Idaho. With the assistance of Creekside Mortgage, Inc., they were able to secure a VA home loan, which provides numerous benefits to veterans and active-duty military personnel. This milestone achievement marks the completion of their home purchase journey, and they are now eagerly looking forward to settling into their new abode.

By working with Craig Serverson, an experienced real estate agent from John L. Scott Boise, Ken and Cece Dorman received expert guidance and support throughout the home buying process. Craig’s knowledge of the local market and commitment to his clients ensured a smooth and successful transaction.

The closing took place at Stewart Title Company in Meridian, Idaho, with the capable assistance of Beth Wilson. As a trusted professional in the title industry, Beth facilitated the necessary paperwork and ensured that all legal and financial aspects of the transaction were handled efficiently and accurately.

With the loan successfully closed, Ken and Cece Dorman can now enjoy the excitement of moving into their new home in Caldwell, ID. This achievement is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Creekside Mortgage, Inc., Craig Serverson, and Beth Wilson, who helped make their dream of homeownership a reality.

May 30th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

 So, what will the effect of the debt ceiling negotiations have on the Treasure Valley? They came together basically at the end of last week and over the weekend with a compromise. It’s not signed into law yet, but it’s basically a little bit of giving on both sides. In reality, they are just kicking the can down the road for two more years. We will be dealing with this again. But hey, negotiation is good. If there’s a mutual agreement just not signed off, let’s go through and do it. So how will this ultimately affect the Boise metro area from Meridian, Idaho to Nampa, Idaho to Caldwell, Idaho, and all the way out to Mountain Home, Idaho? What will the effect be along the whole 84 corridors? We’re going to keep booming. It’s not going to stop. If we do get any trickling down of interest rates and it happens to get into the natural fives without having to buy it down, it’s going to be more explosive. You are starting to see builders now picking up on their growth. Road work is starting to be completed and that’s going to be a big deal for our community. When you get more access points and entry points into the city, you can stimulate traffic and that is going to make things even better. These are all positive things moving forward. I think the Treasure Valley will continue to grow. People’s desire to come here this summer is going to be a big event. There’s a bigger influx of people coming in, more of those license plates we don’t like to see, but they’re coming. So, it’s going to continue to happen. We’re here to help with any questions you have. Please reach out to me and my team. I’d love to go through it and help you. Our office is located right here in Meridian, Idaho off of Eagle Road. Stop in and say hi. Talk soon.

May 23rd, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

The slight uptick in interest rates has certainly impacted us locally. We’ve seen the impact in Boise, ID, Nampa, ID, and basically the whole Treasure Valley. We’ve seen slowdowns in these areas with the increase in rates because, obviously, that correlates to an increase in payment. We recently had a transaction in Eagle, Idaho where we were qualifying the client and had to add a half percentage to the interest rate. So, it’s key to make sure you’re keeping your approvals up to date and making sure you’re staying ahead of the curve and what rates are doing. I tell everyone that I’ve worked with to always calculate your payment factors about half higher than what physical rates are at the time. That way you are always sliding into something knowing it could be less, so you are not overextending yourself. You don’t want to pick out that house, get everything negotiated and all of a sudden you find out you’re not eligible because rates have gone up. I do think there will be ebb and flows in the market where you can take of advantage of a dip. It’s basically trying to time that out just perfect to go through and hit it. Although, it’s pretty much impossible to time it out perfectly. So, you always want to calculate that into your equation, so you always have a safe landing spot. We are here to help on any of your VA Home Loan Purchases and would love to go through and do anything from Caldwell, ID anywhere down the 84 corridor.

May 16th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Hey Treasure Valley Idaho, we just finished up the Ada County Parade of Homes and it was an awesome event. If you got a chance to go look at all those houses, it was unbelievable. It was great to see all the different areas in northern Meridian, ID. and out in Star, ID.. It was neat to see the new construction happening all over Ada County Idaho. It’s crazy though. Anything below that $500K-$550K price range is very competitive. Once you tip over that number, it’s not competitive at all. There’s just not enough inventory of houses. You get something on the market right now that’s in the $300K-$400K range, you’re probably selling it for $50K above what it might be worth just because there’s so much demand. Once you go over that number, it’s the opposite. This will continue in our markets because of the housing shortage as we go into summer. There are just not enough available houses. It’s still one of the most desirable places to move to. I saw this great article posted a few days ago on Fox Business that was showing Ada County, Boise, ID as the 6th best market to open a business in. This is pretty awesome because all the other cities on there were huge cities. To see that Boise, ID is still in that category is one of the huge driving force leading people to move here and I don’t think that’s anywhere near the end. I think that will continue as we watch the whole area continue to grow. There are tons of opportunities here.

May 2nd, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Hey Boise Idaho area, just coming at you with the updates for this week. The market is hot. We’re seeing a lot of activity right now. A lot of people were waiting for this crater to happen, for values to drop. But here we go, prices are going up again and there’s multiple offers on transactions. This is solely to do with supply and demand and it’s not going to stop. There are just not enough available houses for how many people want them. You have 75% of people that are out of the market and the limited amount that is remaining, a lot of people are wanting it. Idaho state is continuing to grow in employment and that’s encouraging people from other states to move here. I think that’s going to continue throughout the whole entire valley. I’m sure the valley is going to be a hot area for some time to come. So, if you see something you are interested in, be eager about it and don’t wait because it’s either going to get more expensive in the near future or who knows what rates are going to do in the upcoming months. It’s definitely the right time to go through and buy. Here to answer any of your questions, reach out to us. We’d love to help.

April 11th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Let’s talk a little bit about Treasure Valley today, how VA loans and everything else is kind of working in this area. You can see Springtime is arriving. We’ve seen the change of weather a little bit, little bit of craziness going back and forth between rain and sun. But we see water in the canals and different things are going through and happening. We can see summer right around the corner. We can also see that some of the downtown areas are really becoming modern as they are fixing them up and doing some really cool things down there. Especially in Nampa, ID. and Caldwell, ID. we are seeing some improvements on the revitalization of those downtown areas, and I definitely think that will continue in the future. Everything around the 84 corridor will just continue to improve. They continue to fix up some of the roadways, the freeways, and just improving everything around the Boise, ID. area right now. That’s definitely going to be a highlight and the growth is going to continue all the way out. I went and visited Emmett, Idaho this past weekend. It’s just an awesome area. Emmett, Idaho, it’s got that old feeling to it, but really, it’s just a few minutes right over the hill. I know everything will keep expanding farther and farther out of the Boise metro area. Meridian, ID. will continue to explode as it’s doing right now. Kuna, ID. is totally revamping and changing right in front of our eyes. As they keep continuing to introduce the new freeway access points that area will continue to explode. So, a lot of opportunity here and it’s not over with. It’s definitely going to continue to grow and there’s no stopping in sight. I think it’s going to continue to improve and there’s a lot of opportunity and potentional to go through and buy something in this area.

We are here to help so definitely reach out to us at any point. We’d love to help you out in any way. VA will always be my passion and it’s the thing that we love the most, being a veteran myself. I’d love to talk with you so don’t hesitate to reach out to me and my team anytime.

Thank you!

March 28th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Hello Treasure Valley Idaho! Ada County Idaho and Canyon County Idaho have a little separation between the two with Nampa, ID. and Meridian, ID. but we can see through growth and activity that they’re going to touch here soon. My prediction is within five to seven years you’re going to have no defined line basically there anymore with that activity. You can see that growth just on 10-mile road. Scheels Sporting Goods store is going in right there and then all the growth that’s happening on that exit with the new freeway coming in just an exit down.

You’re going to see that growth between Nampa, ID. and Meridian just slowly growing into each other. Star, ID. is also going to continue to grow. So you can’t deny the growth that’s happening here in the Treasure Valley Idaho and I think that’s going to keep going. And yes, get the roads caught up, get some other stuff going. I know some people are negative on that. But growth is inevitable. It’s making sure you have correct structure in that growth. You know, they’re still putting the schools in, they’re still doing the infrastructure around it. Of course, it would be a little better if there’s a lot more road action going. But it is what it is. I mean that’s just the norm now. We better be getting used to it. Just go out a little bit earlier to try to get places. That’s all we can go through and do. But growth is here, and I think it will continue to go through on the I-84 corridor. We’ll continue to keep expanding and I see a lot of positive activity going on and happening there.

March 14th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Hey there Treasure Valley Idaho! I’m excited to say that we came out with our continued education classes here in Ada and Canyon County. We have three courses that are coming out for realtors who need their continued educations credits. I know two of the offices are based right here in Meridian, ID. and I’ll get the list of locations out to you guys. If any agents or anyone else around here wants to participate in those it’s two hours continued education credits. I like to put it on at no cost. Just so I can educate more and more people, especially the introduction of how VA transactions work and the benefit of the VA loan for Veterans. I like to teach from every avenue from identifying the potential benefits that a veteran may have to all the different concepts and stuff that go along with the VA loan. So, I’m proud to launch that class. I plan to probably do a few more courses throughout the year and throughout the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. We’re definitely going to go through and launch it right here in Ada County ID. first. So, it’s one of my exciting things to go through and get back to teaching which is what I used to do many, many years ago. It’s something I’m passionate about. Definitely, the more and more people I can teach about VA will benefit all of us in the end. Just want to let you know about that.

Have a great week!

March 2nd, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

We got some cool statistics in for the Treasure Valley Idaho for last year. It kind of breaks things down. Approximately 85 transactions per month that were done in the Treasure Valley were VA. So, it’s a big deal. I know we’ve seen Kuna, ID. growing dramatically, Star, ID. is where a lot of things took place and all the way out to Caldwell, ID.. So, we’re seeing activity happening throughout the entire Treasure Valley on VA. Now a lot of those transactions were new construction or finalization of new construction, but we’re seeing that uptick compared to the year before dramatically. It’s more of a buyers’ market now. People are more willing to accept a VA transaction. I just beg everyone out there, if you’ve got your VA eligibility don’t let someone talk you out of that, especially if you have service-connected disability and you’re not paying any fee. If you’re doing anything in the Boise, ID. Metro area here in Idaho state, you definitely want to take time, if you’re a veteran, to talk to us. We want to make sure that you’re doing the right transaction for you and the thing that best fits. This means, doing a 0 down and you tend to have a lower rate than what conforming rate is. If you have a service-connected disability you’re not paying that upfront fee to the VA so VA is going to be your option that you typically always want to go through. We don’t just do VA here. We like to work with veterans as much as possible being, a veteran myself, but it’s one of those things that we want to encourage you to do the loan that best fits you versus trying to persuade you to do that conventional loan that’s easier for the realtor and everyone else. It typically is not best for you as the consumer. So, take time to reach out to us. I’d love to go and have a one-on-one conversation with you.  Me or my team is always here. We would love to go through and help you.

 Thank you!

February 13th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Today, I want to talk to you about how we decided on this location in Meridian, Idaho. I’ve always been big on being in the middle of an area. Being where our office is now, we are located in the center of the Treasure Valley Idaho. Our address is 1965 S. Eagle Road Suite 100 Meridian, ID 83642. We are located just 3 blocks south off of I-84. One of the key landmarks that is nearby is the new Top Golf that just got built in Meridian, ID. Across I-84 on the other side you have Saint Luke’s hospital. Some of the main crossroads located near us is Overland, and of course, Eagle Road.

The main city that everyone knows near us of course is Boise, Idaho and that is located just East of us.  If you travel a little bit farther you will find Mountain Home, ID. A lot of people commute from Mountain Home Air Force base to Boise, ID. or Meridian, ID. Directly North from us you run into Eagle, Idaho which of course is right off of Eagle Road. Eagle, ID. might be a little bit more of an expensive area to live in, but it is very popular. Directly South of us you have beautiful Kuna, ID. Kuna is a little bit less expensive, and it is a beautiful area with a great view of Boise, ID. and Meridian, ID. Right in the middle, you find Meridian, ID. The giant land mass that runs through everything. Directly to the West of us you have Nampa, ID. If you continue up I-84, you will find Caldwell, ID. Right between Eagle, ID. and Caldwell, ID. you will find Star, ID. and Middleton, ID.

Our main goal is to be centrally located so we can service all of these keys areas in the Treasure Valley.  Meridian, Idaho has been a key location and we love everything about it. It is obviously a growing area and it will probably potentially pass the population point of Boise, Idaho within the next 10 years. There is a little bit more capability for growth here in Meridian, ID

The Treasure Valley Idaho is an awesome place to be. With Boise, ID. being the capital of Idaho state, we are really close to the downtown area with the shopping and the restaurants and it makes the Treasure Valley, ID. a very desirable place to live.

We love our office and just wanted to tell you how much!

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