As Veterans ourselves we are devoted to helping our fellow veterans with their homeownership dreams. We have a new Branch office location 1965 S Eagle Road Suite 100 Meridian, ID  83642 (208) 424-6770 

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Kerry N. Greenwald | March 28, 2023 | Treasure Valley Update

Hello Treasure Valley!

Ada and Canyon County have a little separation between the two with Nampa and Meridian, but we can see through growth and activity that they’re going to touch here soon. My prediction is within five to seven years you’re going to have no defined line basically there anymore with that activity. You can see that growth just on 10-mile road. Scheels Sporting Goods store is going in right there and then all the growth that’s happening on that exit with the new freeway coming in just an exit down.

You’re going to see that growth between Nampa and Meridian just slowly growing into each other. Star is also going to continue to grow. So you can’t deny the growth that’s happening here in the Treasure Valley and I think that’s going to keep going. And yes, get the roads caught up, get some other stuff going. I know some people are negative on that. But growth is inevitable. It’s making sure you have correct structure in that growth. You know, they’re still putting the schools in, they’re still doing the infrastructure around it. Of course, it would be a little better if there’s a lot more road action going. But it is what it is. I mean that’s just the norm now. We better be getting used to it. Just go out a little bit earlier to try to get places. That’s all we can go through and do. But growth is here, and I think it will continue to go through on the I-84 corridor. We’ll continue to keep expanding and I see a lot of positive activity going on and happening there.


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Idaho is the state of many outdoor activities. We love it here! Although the winters may be a little harsh, they make for the best winter sports. Our favorite time of year is the summer, they are the best in the world! We love river rafting, camping, fishing, and hunting. We know Boise and the other great cities in Idaho are wonderful places to live. That’s why we want to get you into your new VA back home. We are experts at helping you use your military benefits to get you into a home. The mortgage world can seem daunting, but with our help, we can guide you through the VA loan process and get you into the dream home. We also handle VA Streamlines (IRRRL) and VA Cashout Refinances. Let us help with your VA Loans in Boise, ID.

We know Veterans want to work with experts who understand the mortgage process in their area. You can count on our expert VA loan specialists to help you in Boise, ID. We have a strong network of experts that know Boise and it’s surrounding areas. We have an amazing realtor there that we highly recommend, but if you already have one, we can work with them too!

We Serve All of Idaho

We know that everyone doesn’t live in Boise, ID.  So if you live somewhere else within Idaho, no need to worry, we can serve you anywhere in the state of Idaho.

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Buying VA Loans in Boise, ID for most Veterans is the largest investment they ever make, and you can trust that we understand and are sensitive to the emotions that surface during the loan process. So whether you’re ready to buy yesterday, or are only in the first stages of the process, we will take care of you at the pace you’re most comfortable with.

The VA loan offers some advantages that we think will make you feel way more comfortable about deciding to buy a home. How does no money down sound? How about low-interest rates? Or no mortgage insurance? That’s what we thought!

Home Loan Refinance

If you already have a mortgage but are looking to make some changes, we can help you out there too. Are you looking to consolidate debt? What about remodel that outdated kitchen? Maybe you want to pay off your home quicker? We have several different VA refinance options that can help you accomplish you refinancing goals.

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