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We love the outdoors, and what better place to live than Bend, Oregon? It’s great to be able to fish, mountain bike, hike, camp, rock climb, and we can’t forget the best part – river rafting on the Deschutes! We love it here and that’s why we want to help you with your mortgage needs. We specialize in VA loans. Our VA loan specialists can guide you through the process of getting approved to use your military benefits to get you into a VA backed home. Whether you’re trying to buy a new home, or refinance, we can help you with your VA home loan needs.



June 6th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Hey, I’m your NW VA Guy. I want to talk a little bit today about what’s going on in the market here in Bend, Oregon. Certain things have happened recently in the state of Oregon where it is only of the only states in the country that have actually shrunk in the last two-three years. Not in Bend, OR though. Bend, OR seems to be exploding. People seem to come here to retire and find other opportunities. Of course, we still have the influx of people coming up from California, but we also have a huge influx of people from within the state of Oregon coming from across the mountains over to Bend to find the warmer weather. VA has been a big deal here and it seems to be getting better and better. Inventory is still an issue across the whole entire state. But we are seeing more and more VA offers accepted right now with what’s happening in the market and I think that will continue moving forward. The surrounding areas from Redmond, Oregon to Madras, Oregon and into Bend, Oregon will continue to grow because people just like the dryer climate and the atmosphere over here. So, I think it is going to be a big deal. If you have any questions, I want you to reach out to me or my team. You can email us at we would love to go through and help. Thank you!

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