The Coast Guard has recently established a new unit in Warrenton, OR, known as Base Astoria. This base serves as a crucial logistics support hub for Coast Guard units across the thirteenth Coast Guard district, encompassing the Oregon and Southwest Washington regions. As a result of this development, there has been an increase in VA purchases in the area, leading to a rise in civilian prior service members relocating to the coast from various parts of the country to support this operation.

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The locations along the Oregon coast that are experiencing this influx of interest include Seaside, OR, Astoria, OR, and Long Beach WA, Ilwaco, WA various other towns and communities along the northwest Oregon coast. With its stunning natural beauty and proximity to the newly established Coast Guard unit, this region has become an attractive destination for individuals seeking a coastal lifestyle.

In summary, the establishment of Base Astoria by the Coast Guard in Warrenton, OR, has led to increased VA purchases in the area. This, in turn, has attracted civilian prior service members from across the country to support the Coast Guard operation. With VA Home loans providing 100% financing, Kerry Greenwald’s expertise in the mortgage industry, and Creekside Mortgage, Inc.’s comprehensive brokerage services, the process of purchasing a home along the Oregon coast is made easier and more accessible for those interested in this opportunity.