Over all real estate in the Ada County/Boise area was devastated in the past few years. It was hit much harder than most places in the United States due to the fact that we had such an increase in values in the early 2000s. We had further to fall than most places, since we had shot up so drastically due to the influx of population moving up from California because of our low prices. We took that nose dive in value, but it looks like we’ve had some consistency in maintaining where values are at now. We are pretty close to what 2000 numbers were, and in my opinion, Ada County prices will probably stay steady over the coming year in 2011 and probably be on the rise quicker than most places that surround us like Seattle and Portland, whose markets fell after ours did. That is just my opinion, but that is what I see happening overall in Ada County.

 Kerry Greenwald

 Sr. VA  Loan Specialist

Creekside Mortgage Inc.