Facebook live good afternoon, I’m glad this gives me another chance to have a conversation with you about current market conditions and what’s going on in our overall environment.  Rates once again have been help holding steady and I’m still recommending to hold off on locking and I don’t see any benefit of locking your rate in at this present time. I think there is a lot of indications that things will be status quo or just a lot of the same as what we see right now. A lot of research has has pointed out some glaring positive information but yet can be negative. Seattle Washington’s been the number one area on home values which will follow suit in Pacific Northwest. A lot of what happens in the Seattle area what will come back and tread on us.  Just us alone here in Clark County which is awesome if you own your house right now, not as much if you want to buy but values and properties have of gone up just 5% in 2 months I mean it’s unsustainable, crazy amount of increase and values.  There’s just no lower priced houses either. I mean cheapest house you’re finding in Clark County right now as you know $350,000 above. There just no lower in price houses out there at all. The one that’s not happening but I think it’s going to the next cause and effect on the economy that’s going to help, wages increasing.  Right now we’re very very low on unemployment rate. You’re starting to see demand on that. There is a lack of people willing to do lower priced jobs. This segment needs to increase in wages basically across the board to go through and support increasing in value. If you’re having increase in pricing as much as right now, rent as much as right now, and yet income staying stagnant, that’s not a very good sustainable sign into the future.  I don’t think we’re we’re in a bubble, I don’t see a bubble necessarily happening, because of just the amount of people that want to own now versus people who own a home right now, it’s just supplying and demand. There just is not a supply of houses in Pacific Northwest to facilitate the demand of how many people who want a house right now. We saw that pent-up demand for almost 10 plus years on apartment complexes and is everything else is driving towards what we’re at right now.  I still see this summer stuff we seen some things actually slowdown and the amount of people buying houses right now which I don’t really know why that’s absolutely happening, but it’s something I think that will pick up towards the end of summer. There’s a lot of new develops and stuff going on everywhere in the Pacific Northwest so you’re going to start seeing more people in houses as soon as they come on the market or or for sale or anything else they’re going to jump in there.  So my last thing again right now, think you should hold off on locking right now.  With the health care bill being close to passing it should come off the table and cause a positive economic shift, which will then cause more unity between the parties which can bump up infrastructure and things like that.  Once you get an agreeance on things, things start happening!  The stock market hit another record today, gold is down, oil is down, commodities are down.  Deflation is happening, I keep hearing it.  I am optimistic for sure!  Have a great week!