As we arrive at the midpoint of the year, we’d like to provide a brief update on what the latest and greatest news is, currently in the industry.

What’s new?

Unexpected by most in the industry, interest rates have not increased this year. Instead of shooting up as many anticipated, 2019 has seen interest rates unchanged. There rarely has been a better time to buy a home!

Home Value Increases

The Pacific Northwest is home to many beautiful things, houses included. And, as many can imagine, the value of a home in the Pacific Northwest has increased substantially.

Home values in the PNW aren’t the only things that have gone up, taxes have too. With that being said, it is important to pay close attention to the recent tax increases. Your payments may be affected so much so that you get a notice saying that you have an escrow shortage.

Handling that difference monthly with your payments or paying a lump sum to get it over with are two possible options.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s best to set up your own bill pay system to avoid any additional charges. Going through a random service that sent you a letter in the mail may produce some unexpected consequences. We always encourage you to take to reach out to us if you ever have questions about your payments.

Another important and beneficial increase that I want you to note is that 2019 has seen the VA loan limit go up. There has been an overall increase of 6.9% making the new limit $484,350, which is a pretty significant expansion from the previous year. Remember, that’s with a zero down payment up to that mark, but you can definitely go above that.


Cash-out refinancing was definitely not anticipated for 2019 because of anticipated rate increases but surprisingly, there has been an overwhelming influx of them. If you’re interested in doing this, please be sure to talk to us about it. With credit card debt, student loans, or other consolidation needs, it makes sense to go through cash-out refinancing.

Creekside Mortgage

As for Creekside announcements, we have some friendly faces that we’ve added to the team. Please join us in welcoming Hailee Hillard, Michael Parent, and Chelsea Early.